Our ‘sweet’ and ‘demi-secco’ apple ciders are gently pressed from traditional fruit varieties. As taste and aroma are affected by an apple’s level of ripeness, we only use fully ripe fruit to guarantee a fruity aroma and refreshing flavour. Enjoy this refreshing and complex drinking experience all year round. Cider, also known as sparkling apple wine, is best enjoyed chilled from a white wine glass. Our apple cider goes well with tarte flambée, but also makes a wonderful accompaniment to hearty German dishes or apple pie.

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Apple Cider, demi-secco

This cider is pleasingly dry. Refreshing acidity and lively sparkle give it a certain freshness. Our dry cider makes a great aperitif served with a variety of snacks. However, it also makes an excellent accompaniment to dishes such as fresh goat’s cheese on salad or roasted freshwater fish such as char. The cider’s 4% alcohol content makes it a perfect lunchtime aperitif: dry, fruity, light and sparkling.

Apple Cider, sweet

This sweet cider offers a perfect balance between moderate sweetness and fresh acidity, which when combined with lively sparkle ensures a pleasantly dry feeling on the palate. The mild cider’s low 2% alcohol content means that it is also perfect for coffee tables with fruit tarts. It also goes well with mild fresh goat’s cheese and reasonably young Camembert or Brie. Its delicate sweetness makes it an ideal partner for modern desserts.