Juicy Tea

Juice loves tea: such is the motto of this new, innovative, trendy Sparkling Juicy Tea from van Nahmen. We guarantee a unique taste experience thanks to the fruity style of van Nahmen’s single-variety juices combined with select notes from choice teas. The lively sparkle showcases the effervescence and refreshing nature of non-alcoholic Sparkling Juicy Tea.

White Tea-Tahiti Vanilla-Quince organic

An intense and complex bouquet with dark fruit and spicy hints. A diverse interplay between tart fruit notes and delicate bitter notes is revealed surrounded by aromas of quince fruit, ripe apples, jasmine tea, but also intensely sweet vanilla tones emerge. When poured into the glass, the full golden-yellow color of the Juicy Tea comes to light. This Sparkling Juicy Tea is bold, full-bodied and has a slightly tart effect.

Verbena-Jasmine-Riesling organic

Golden shining and finely foaming, the non-alcoholic Juicy Tea in the flavor Verbena-Jasmine-Riesling runs into the glass. The interplay of Riesling grapes with verbena, jasmine and a hint of mint gives Juicy Tea an Asian-like flavor note. Given the intense aroma of the verbena-jasmine-Riesling flavor, it can perfectly accompany Asian-spiced dishes.

Rose-Darjeeling-Rhubarb organic

We created the non-alcoholic Sparkling Juicy Tea with the support of renowned tea sommeliers. At a drinking temperature of 8°C, the mild-floral aroma of the Darjeeling tea variety unfolds particularly well. Enjoy the slightly acidic juice of the red-stemmed rhubarb from local cultivation, which runs salmon-colored into the glass.