Juicy Tea

Juice loves tea: such is the motto of this new, innovative, trendy Sparkling Juicy Tea from van Nahmen. We guarantee a unique taste experience thanks to the fruity style of van Nahmen’s single-variety juices combined with select notes from choice teas. The lively sparkle showcases the effervescence and refreshing nature of non-alcoholic Sparkling Juicy Tea.

Earl Grey-Lemongrass-Peach

This sparkling juicy tea is in a class of its own. It combines the fruitiness of van Nahmen’s single-variety juices with choice notes from selected teas to create a unique flavour experience. Earl Grey-Lemongrass-Peach juice stands out with its delicately tart bergamot aroma and the taste of yellow peach. This is enhanced by lemongrass and lively sparkle.


This non-alcoholic sparkling juicy tea was created with the support of renowned tea sommeliers. The mild floral aroma of Darjeeling tea comes through particularly well when served at 8°C. Enjoy the delicately tart juice of home-grown red-stemmed rhubarb, which is salmon pink in the glass.


This non-alcoholic Verbena-Jasmine-Riesling juicy tea is a gleaming gold with a delicate froth in the glass. The interplay between Riesling grapes, verbena, jasmine and a touch of mint gives this juicy tea an Asian flavour. The intense aroma of the Verbena-Jasmine-Riesling tea makes it perfect to serve with spicy Asian dishes.