Gourmet fresh juice

Romana Echensperger - Master of Wine - has prepared expertises for the pure juices of the private press house van Nahmen, on the basis of which food recommendations for the respective juices were developed. Click on the juice of your choice and learn more.

The van Nahmen GOURMET fruit juice range was created to preserve the characteristics of old, traditional fruit varieties. Van Nahmen GOURMET juices are single-variety, meaning they are produced using fruit from just one particular variety. The first juice we made as part of the GOURMET fruit juice series was “Star Reinette”, a familiar traditional red Christmas apple. This apple’s particular flavour, which sets it apart from varieties such as “Belle de Boskoop” or “Topaz”, has been fully preserved in the GOURMET juice. Each apple has its own particular aroma which we want to preserve. Van Nahmen GOURMET juices are 100% fresh: they come directly from the fruit without using flavour concentrates, added sugar, or other ingredients, so as to preserve the pure natural taste.