Fruit Secco

Fruit Secco is van Nahmen’s innovative product line designed to tempt the palates of demanding fruit fans. We guarantee them a sparkling flavour experience in line with our motto: 100% fruit – 0% alcohol. As well as being an excellent accompaniment to any meal, well-chilled Fruit Secco also makes a perfect aperitif for a special occasion.


van Nahmen Fruit Secco Apple, Redcurrant and Raspberry is an aperitif guaranteed to be free of alcohol – pure, stimulating enjoyment of freshness and fruit. Its rich, springtime berry aroma unfolds at a serving temperature of 8-10°C. The taste is rounded off by the delicate acidity of redcurrants. van Nahmen Fruit Secco is a sparkling fruity pleasure for a special occasion, also available in the flavours Apple and Quince, Apple, Blueberry and Cherry as well as Grape.

Apple-Blueberry-Cherry NEW

Our fruit secco trio has a new friend – this new variety is our driest fruit secco and contains apples, forest blueberries and sour cherries. This fruit secco is ruby red in the glass, subtly sweet and refreshingly dry, making a great aperitif.


Putting apple and quince together produces this juice with a captivatingly full flavour reminiscent of a ripe Riesling. Van Nahmen Fruit Secco Apple and Quince is a dry and fruity aperitif with 0% alcohol and 100% sparkling fruit sensation. Its complex aroma is best revealed served at 8-10°C.


Fruit Secco Grape has a mild aroma, as is typical for ripe grapes. We, therefore, harvest the fruit early in the season to retain its refreshing acidity. Van Nahmen Fruit Secco Grape is an organic aperitif – pure, stimulating enjoyment of freshness and fruit, free of alcohol. This has been long-desired by high-end gastronomy, and is also available in our other flavours Apple and Quince and Apple, Redcurrant and Raspberry.