Apple Cider 2% alcohol
van Nahmen Cider

Apple Cider 2% alcohol

Time of harvest autumn
Serving temperature 8 – 10°C
Recommended dishes mild cheese, desserts, fruit


Our sweet apple cider is gently pressed from traditional fruit varieties. As the flavour and aroma is governed by the apple’s level of ripeness, we use only very ripe fruit, which ensures a fruity aroma and refreshing taste.

Goes with: Desserts, Fruit, Mild cheeses
Colour: light
Juice style: fruity , harmoniously, mild, sweet


In the glass the juice has a golden yellow appearance and a delicate sparkle. Its bouquet impresses with aromas of sweet, ripe red apples, jasmine, mandarin zest, lemon balm and a hint of acacia honey. The cider offers a perfect balance between moderate sweetness and fresh acidity, which together with the lively sparkle create a pleasantly dry sensation on the palate. The finish once again features ripe fruit aromas, citrus zest and honey notes, with a pleasantly tart, stimulating aftertaste. Thanks to its low alcohol level, this mild cider can also be enjoyed with fruit cake as part of a summer spread. It also goes well with mild fresh goat’s cheese and partially ripe camembert or brie. Its delicate sweetness makes it the perfect accompaniment to modern dessert cuisine: it is well suited to all refined, moderately sweet fruit desserts and can also be used as an infusion for a sorbet creation.

Romana Echensperger Romana Echensperger Master of Wine