Apple Cider 4% alcohol
van Nahmen Cider

Apple Cider 4% alcohol

Time of harvest autumn
Serving temperature 8 – 10°C
Recommended dishes appetisers, salads & starters, freshwater fish, mild cheese


Our apple cider is gently pressed from traditional fruit varieties. The flavour and aroma of the juice is affected by the ripeness of the apples, so we use only late harvested fruit to ensure a fruity aroma and refreshing taste.

With meat and fish: freshwater fish
Goes with: Appetizers, Mild cheeses, Salads & Starters
Colour: light
Juice style: dry, fruity , harmoniously


In the glass, the juice has a golden yellow appearance and a delicate sparkle. The bouquet is complex with yellow apple, lime zest, elderflower and mint aromas together with a hint of blossom honey. The cider is pleasantly dry, invigorated on the palate by fresh acidity and lively sparkle. The yellow fruit notes reappear on the palate, paired with a touch of fresh mint. The long, refreshing finish is shaped by fresh fruit and sparkle. This drink is ideal as an aperitif with a variety of snacks, or as a subtle accompaniment to fresh goat’s cheese with salad or grilled freshwater fish such as char. The cider’s low alcohol content makes it a perfect lunchtime aperitif: dry, fruity, lively and light.

Romana Echensperger Romana Echensperger Master of Wine