Datterino Tomato Juice
van Nahmen Fresh juice

Datterino Tomato Juice

Time of harvest late July / early August
Serving temperature 12 – 14°C
Recommended dishes vegetable dishes, can be enjoyed neat or as a spritzer


The Datterino tomato originates from Sicily. This very small, oblong, brilliant bright red tomato resembles a small date in shape, earning it the nickname “date tomato”. Its most distinctive features, however, are its fascinating aroma profile and its pronounced sweet-ness. This enables a higher sweetness level to be achie-ved than with conventional tomato varieties. To high-light the particular Datterino style even further, Peter van Nahmen teamed up with passionate spice miller Ingo Holland to develop a small dosage of added salt. He opted for “Sylt sea salt” from Alexandro Pape’s salt factory. For a fully-rounded taste experience with a touch of spiciness the bottle comes with a packet of black Kerala pepper from the Altes Gewürzamt Ingo Holland spicery.

Cuisine: Mediterranean cuisine
Goes with: Pasta, Salads & Starters
Colour: dark
Juice style: mild, velvety soft


The juice is unfiltered and deliciously orange in colour. Its aroma profile is characterised by sun-ripened, fruity tomatoes and green olives, with notes of white pepper, celery and parsley root. The palate opens with very fruity flavours, subtle sweetness and mild acidity, followed by a smooth saltiness. The aftertaste has a full tomato aroma and a savoury and spicy vegetable note with celery and capers. A highly aromatic and complex tomato juice. This juice should be enjoyed neat or as an ingredient of classic cocktails like Bloody or Virgin Mary. It is also a delightful accompaniment to vegetable lasagne or spaghetti Bolognese.

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