Jonagold Apple Juice (BIO)
van Nahmen Fresh juice

Jonagold Apple Juice (BIO)

Time of harvest mid-October
Serving temperature 12 – 14°C
Recommended dishes Dessert, Fruits


The Jonagold variety used for this apple juice comes from organic farms in typically fruit-growing regions in Germany. The Jonagold variety is a cross between the Golden Delicious and the Jonathan varieties. The juice has a balanced taste and a lingering, sweet, slightly acidic aroma.

Goes with: Desserts, Fruit
Colour: light
Juice style: fruity , sweet


This juice needs a large glass to deploy its flavors superb. The nose then shows less apple aromas but intense flavors of ripe vineyard peach, gooseberry and exotic fruits like kiwi, mango and papaya. The palate is dominated by a pleasant fruity sweetness enlivened discreetly by a fine acidity. Overall, a juice with ripe, amazingly exotic aromas of swirls around the palate with a creamy texture. Who wants to drink the juice mixed with water should take still water. This emphasizes the sweetness and exotic ta-stes. Carbonated water may seem a bit metallic. This juice combines best to sweeten main dishes of Viennese cuisine as pancakes with apple compote or apricot dumplings with vanilla ice cream. It also matches melange fruity pies and cakes with whipped cream.

Romana Echensperger Romana Echensperger Master of Wine