Morellenfeuer Cherry Juice
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Morellenfeuer Cherry Juice

Time of harvest July
Serving temperature 14 – 16°C
Recommended dishes beef, lamb, game, duck & goose, mushrooms, German classics, French and Mediterranean cuisine


The cherry variety Morellenfeuer was developed in the middle of the last century as a crossing of the Ostheimer Weichsel with the type Früheste der Mark. Since the Rhineland is particularly well suited to the cultivation of this variety, we source the cherries used for this juice from small orchardkeepers in the Aachen region. Their fine aroma and the mild acids make it possible to process these cherries to yield 100% direct juice. Depending upon the individual year, it will manifest stronger or milder acidity.

Cuisine: French cuisine, German classics, Mediterranean cuisine
With meat and fish: Beef, Duck & goose, Game, Lamb
Goes with: Mushrooms
Colour: dark
Juice style: characterful, delicately tart, dry


In the glass, the juice shows a brilliant and dense ruby-red colour. The nose is impressive for its multilayered bouquet of juicy, ripe sour cherries and marzipan, with hints of Mediterranean herbs, delicate bitter choco-late and black pepper. On the palate the cherry juice seems nearly dry, because its delicate sweetness is balanced by a mouthwatering acidity. This juice is best enjoyed in its pure state without mixing, although if you prefer, a blend of 2:1 with still water is also satisfying. Then, the juicy fruit of the cherries comes even more distinctly to the foreground: the juice seems dryer and the tannins more prominent, while the overall impression remains very smooth. Dry and fruit-forward with well-structured tannins, the Morellenfeuer can be served alongside robust meat dishes like lamb with Mediterranean spices or Sauerbraten, as well as Christmas goose with red cabbage and baked apples. Because of its fla-vour profile, Morrellenfeuer can be served like a Bordeaux or a Chianti Classico with a fine dinner – to complement saddle of coastal lamb with chillies and fennel, or alongside Bistecca Fiorentina.

Romana Echensperger Romana Echensperger Master of Wine