Old Orchard Late Harvest Apple Juice
van Nahmen Fresh juice

Old Orchard Late Harvest Apple Juice

Time of harvest late September / early October
Serving temperature 12 – 14°C
Recommended dishes chicken & turkey, shellfish & seafood, spicy Asian


Orchards are some of the most biodiverse habitats of all. In order to protect these habitats, our contract far-mers are paid a higher price to make cultivation wor-thwhile. The flavour and aroma of the juice is affected by the ripeness of the apples, so we use only late har-vested fruit from trees up to 80 years old, which gives the apples a very intense flavour.

Cuisine: Asian cuisine
With meat and fish: Chicken & turkey, Crustacean and seafood
Colour: light
Juice style: fruity , mild, velvety soft


Before swirling, the juice is dominated by floral aromas of hay flower and elderflower. Once swirled it gives off a cornucopia of ripe, juicy yellow apple notes paired with a hint of lemon cream, ginger and mandarin. It comes to life on the palate with a well-balanced inter-play between discreet sweetness and juicy, fresh acidity. This is paired with a hint of tannin, making the juice savoury rather than sweet in style and providing a dry finish that offers a return to the ripe apple notes together with a minty, citrusy freshness. The juice is best enjo-yed straight, as it would be a shame for the delicate floral and minty aromas to be lost. Served like a delicate white wine, this juice goes with strongly spiced Thai red curry or alternatively with classic German dishes such as ‘Himmel und Erde’. It could also be paired with shellfish that have sweet and tender flesh, fried scallops or strongly spiced Asian dishes.

Romana Echensperger Romana Echensperger Master of Wine