Rubinette Apple Juice
van Nahmen Fresh juice

Rubinette Apple Juice

Time of harvest October
Serving temperature 14 – 16 °C
Recommended dishes pork, chicken & turkey, pasta, cream sauce, German classics, Mediterranean cuisine


The Rubinette apple is a cross between the Cox Orange and Golden Delicious varieties. The apples come from farms in the Altes Land region near Hamburg and from the region of the Rhineland.

Cuisine: German classics, Mediterranean cuisine
With meat and fish: Chicken & turkey, Pork
Goes with: Cream sauces, Pasta
Colour: light
Juice style: mild, sweet , velvety soft


A wonderfully opulent apple juice which offers up a rich, fully ripe red apple aroma combined with nut butter and herb notes such as lovage and marjoram. It has a creamy texture on the palate, created by opulent yet well-integrated sweet-ness and well-balanced acidity. The ripe apple notes reappear in the finish, paired with fresh garden and meadow herbs. A full-bodied, intense juice that would go well with hearty and very opulent dishes. If the juice is mixed 1:1 with strongly sparkling water, it becomes less opulent and delicate herb notes emerge in the bouquet. The juice is the perfect accompaniment to crisp, not overly lean roast pork seasoned with caraway and lovage, or alternatively Asian dishes such as Thai green curry. The juice has a powerful body and can stand up to intense dishes: a risotto which picks up the creamy texture of the juice and adds a hearty component by incorporating ingredients such as parmesan or a hint of liquorice would be perfect. Another option would be delicate pasta creations such as pumpkin ricotta ravioli with sage butter, or any dishes served with cream sauce.

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