Star Reinette Apple Juice
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Star Reinette Apple Juice

Time of harvest early / mid-September
Serving temperature 12 – 14°C
Recommended dishes salads & starters, fish, chicken & turkey, veal, mild cheese


Star Reinette is an old cultivated apple variety that is primarily used as an orchard fruit, and is well worth preserving. One special feature is its red-tinged flesh. And thanks to its dark red skin it was once considered the classic Christmas apple. However, the Star Reinette variety has become a rare sight in orchards. As part of our price premium project, we pay orchard owners a fair price that makes recultivating the variety wor-thwhile. We carefully press the apples to create 100% fresh juice.

Cuisine: French cuisine
With meat and fish: Chicken & turkey, freshwater fish, Saltwater fish, Veal
Goes with: Mild cheeses, Salads & Starters
Colour: light
Juice style: characterful, delicately tart, dry


The juice needs some time in the glass to express itself to the full. Prolonged swirling reveals a complex nose with crisp and firm apple, mint and lime aromas, along with a hint of roasted walnuts and sweet spice such as cinnamon. The crisp acidity and subtle sweetness give Star Reinette the appeal of a dry, fresh white wine. Lime aromas light up the palate, together with a touch of pineapple. The finish is marked by fruity acidity and almost saline minerality. A complex, refined juice to serve with food, best enjoyed straight from a large Bordeaux wine glass. This juice can be treated in the same way as a dry white wine, so goes well with fish dishes or roasted turkey breast with steamed vegetables. Another enjoyable option is vegetarian dishes such as falafel rolled in sesame seeds served with a mint salad.

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