Stromberger Plum Juice
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Stromberger Plum Juice

Time of harvest late August
Serving temperature 14 – 16°C
Recommended dishes veal, pork, strong fish, roasts, stew, barbecue, German classics, Mediterranean cuisine


The Stromberg plum variety thrives in Stromberg in the Münsterland region: it was imported from southern France around 1790 and named after its new home. The plum has a mild aroma which captivates with its pronounced sweetness of fruit. This tall plum variety holds a protected designation of origin to preserve and promote its unique character.

Cuisine: Asian cuisine
With meat and fish: Beef, Chicken & turkey, Saltwater fish, Veal
Colour: dark
Juice style: characterful, fruity , mild


The juice is a light garnet-red colour in the glass. Before swirling it gives off aromas of cinnamon, vanilla and ripe, fleshy plum. Once swirled, these are joined by marzipan, hazelnut and elderflower notes. The plum juice is infused with a delicate sweetness. Acidity and tan-nic structure are very mild and form a texture that pleasantly fills the mouth. The aftertaste is initially dominated by plum aromas, followed by very pleasant marzipan, vanilla and toasted hazelnut notes. This is a mild and fruity juice which gains refinement from its sweet spice and toasted hazelnut aromas. The juice is best enjoyed straight. Al-ternatively, try it mixed with a little sparkling water, offering a fresher experience that highlights the marzipan notes. Thanks to its delicate sweetness and fruitiness, Stromberg plum juice goes well with any dishes containing a fruity tomato sauce (such as lasagne or spaghetti bolognese). However, it also serves as an excellent accompaniment to meat dishes such as braised beef roulade, or simply a baked camembert with cranberries and a salad garnish. Like a light, off-dry red wine, the juice can also be paired with food when slightly chilled – it could hap-pily accompany grilled fish dishes such as salmon steak or sea bream with Mediterranean vegetables. White meat such as veal or pork chops is also another good option for the juice.

Romana Echensperger Romana Echensperger Master of Wine