Wild Blueberry Juice (BIO)
van Nahmen Fresh juice

Wild Blueberry Juice (BIO)

Time of harvest July
Serving temperature 16 – 18°C
Recommended dishes beef, lamb, game, mushrooms, German classics, French cuisine


Blueberries (Vaccinium) can be split into plump and sweet plantation blueberries and slightly tart forest blueberries. Our (organic) wild forest blueberries con-tain anthocyanins in their skins and flesh, increasing their antioxidant potential. This 100% directly-pressed juice can be made into a jelly or served with mild meat dishes.

Cuisine: French cuisine, German classics
With meat and fish: Beef, Game, Lamb
Goes with: Mushrooms
Colour: dark
Juice style: dry, harmoniously


This very viscous juice is a dense purple colour with a black core. Before swirling it gives off an ethereal bouquet of moss, forest floor and a hint of spruce needle and resin, then juicy blueberry aromas start to emerge after it is swirled. The juice offers fresh acidity and a medium tannic structure which leaves a well-structured, velvety sensation on the palate. The sweetness is discreet, giving the juice the effect of an intense, dry red wine. This is a refined, medium-bodied juice that would go well with powerful meat and game dishes. It absolutely should be drunk straight: mixed with water, the acidity becomes overly dominant and the drink loses its perfect balance between ripeness and acidity. The perfect companion for the start of the game season: it is a de-light served with Baden-Baden saddle of venison, deer goulash with chanterelles and spaetzle, or roast goose with mugwort, red cabbage and baked apple. In haute cuisine, forest blueberry juice is perfect for game dishes such as saddle of venison with porcini mushrooms. Ho-wever, the juice would also go well with pigeon étouffé with truffle, grilled entrecote, or duck breast.

Romana Echensperger Romana Echensperger Master of Wine