Wild Plum Juice
van Nahmen Fresh juice

Wild Plum Juice

Time of harvest early August
Serving temperature 14 – 16°C
Recommended dishes beef, lamb, game, mushrooms, German classics, Mediterranean cuisine


Our wonderful wild plums come from the Piedmont region in Italy and owe their special flavour to the par-ticular way in which they are harvested. The plum tree – planted at 400 to 700 metres above sea level – decide for themselves when the fruit is ripe and then allow it to fall. It lands in nets that are stretched out beneath each tree, a time-consuming process. There are currently only 18 farmers left using this laborious harvesting method. We are delighted to support it, as it ensures the survival of this endangered variety.

Cuisine: German classics, Mediterranean cuisine
With meat and fish: Beef, Game, Lamb
Goes with: Mushrooms
Colour: dark
Juice style: fruity , mild


The juice is a bright garnet red in the glass. Before swirling, fruit aromas of ripe blackberries, dark grapes and juicy plums dominate. Swirling adds marzipan, pipe tobacco and vanilla notes. The juice offers an excellent balance of sweetness and acidity. Dark fruit and marzipan flavours dominate on the palate, with a moderate sweetness lingering in the finish. A mouth-watering, fruit-driven juice with captivating balance. The juice is best enjoyed straight. Mix it with sparkling water for a fresher effect, enhancing the marzipan notes. Its delicate sweetness and fruit mean that it goes well with any fruity tomato sauce dishes, such as lasagne or spaghetti bolognese. However, it also makes a good accompaniment to stews such as osso buco with gremolata, or just a baked Camembert served with cranberries and a side salad. The juice can be paired with food like an off-dry red wine would be, and is at its best with stews such as ox cheek in polenta with parsley root purée, or braised leg of lamb with ratatouille and potato gratin.

Romana Echensperger Romana Echensperger Master of Wine