Frambozen & Sutton Rhubarb Nectar
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Frambozen & Sutton Rhubarb Nectar

Time of harvest late may / early June
Serving temperature 10 – 12°C
Recommended dishes Salads and appetizers, Japanese cooking, French Cuisine


The juice for our rhubarb nectar is pressed from the rhubarb varieties The Sutton and Frambozen, which we buy every year from a small farmer in the Rhineland. The two red stemmed varieties have a delicate aroma and give the juice a pale pink hue. Our rhubarb nectar, that can be enjoyed neat, as a Spritzer or with champagne, is a particular favourite of many restaurateurs. It has a fruit content of at least 70%.

Cuisine: Asian cuisine, French cuisine
With meat and fish: Crustacean and seafood, Saltwater fish
Goes with: Salads & Starters
Colour: light
Juice style: delicately tart, fruity


The juice shines like neon and strawberry colors in the glass. The intense bouquet exudes aromas of sun-warmed, ripe and crunchy-fresh rhubarb. The taste is reminiscent of the freshly cut stems which were just sugared fine. A tart freshness invigorates the palate and in the finish the clear aro-ma lights once more. Even as a Spritzer mixed 1: 1 with boiling water, the juice will lose little of its brilliant, natural fruit intensity. The fine tart note is emphasized again by the sparkle and it remains a refreshing overall impression on the palate. It can be drunk as Spritzer or sparkling wine to a sushi box, supplemen-ted diverse salads and simply fits to pizza and pasta dishes. As an infused Spritzer or sparkling wine of rhubarb nectar, it fits to many Japanese dis-hes like teriyaki, tempura and sashimi or fine fish and crustacean dishes.

Romana Echensperger Romana Echensperger Master of Wine