Orangé de Provence Apricot Nectar
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Orangé de Provence Apricot Nectar

Time of harvest late July
Serving temperature 12 – 14°C
Recommended dishes fruits, desserts


This type of apricot, cultivated only rarely today, derives its name from the orange-coloured skin. We like to work with this variety because of its striking juxtaposition of sweetness and acidity.

Colour: light
Juice style: sweet , velvety soft


The juice shows an intense orange colour and presents a markedly viscous texture. The lively bouquet evokes sun-ripened and juicy apricots, accented with hints of English tea roses, Mandarin orange rind and orange blossoms. The nectar spreads itself out across the palate with a crea-my mouth-feel and a juicy sweetness of fruit, in perfect balance with its crisp and refreshing acidity. A complex and opulent juice with a long, pleasantly fruity and intensely aromatic aftertaste. To serve as a cocktail, we recommend mixing one part Orangé de Provence with two parts dry sparkling wine. If you prefer a drink without any alcohol, a 1:1 mixture with sparkling water will do very nicely. If one decides for the version with sparkling wine as an apéritif, finger-food matches include teriyaki skewers, crab cocktail on toast or hearty cream puffs. Unblended, the juice provides a handsome accompaniment for many fruit desserts or for cheesecake. Thanks to its opulent texture, the nectar does well alongside goose liver terrine on brioche with fruit chutney, desserts involving curds like cheese-Danish pastries, or perhaps an apricot compote refined with rosewater.

Romana Echensperger Romana Echensperger Master of Wine