Redcurrant Nectar
van Nahmen Fruit nectars

Redcurrant Nectar

Time of harvest July
Serving temperature 12 – 14°C
Recommended dishes pork, veal, chicken & turkey, pasta, German classics, French cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine


Redcurrants (Ribes rubrim) have been grown in monasteries and farms since the 14th century. Red-currant nectar was one of the first three products to be pressed by our grandfather, Wilhelm van Nahmen. The nectar’s delicately tart acidity makes it wonderful in a spritzer. Many of our redcurrants are obtained from private individuals in the region using our popular juice exchange process.

Cuisine: French cuisine, German classics, Mediterranean cuisine
With meat and fish: Chicken & turkey, Pork, Veal
Goes with: Pasta
Colour: dark
Juice style: delicately tart, fruity


The juice has a bright, almost neon raspberry red appearance. It gives off a fruity bouquet with fresh red berry aromas, buoyed up by rosehip, mint and lime notes. On the palate there is a lively inter-play between noticeable sweetness, crisp acidity and delicately tart tannins. In the finish the juice once again offers up intense sweet red berry notes and thus a perfect balance between ripeness and acidity. Its sweetness and intense fruit aromas make the juice exceptionally suited to a spritzer: mixed 1:1 with sparkling water it becomes fres-her, fruitier and less sweet. As a spritzer, the juice can be enjoyed with white meat such as pork schnitzel with steamed vegetables, or alternatively with everyday pizza and pasta dishes. Drunk straight it is a great addition to an afternoon coffee and cake spread. Enjoyed as a spritzer it makes the perfect companion to tender white meat such as saddle of veal with porcini polenta and stuffed courgette flowers, or delicately prepared offal such as veal kidneys with chanterelles.

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