Fruit-Secco Apple-Blueberry-Cherry
van Nahmen Fruit Secco

Fruit-Secco Apple-Blueberry-Cherry

Time of harvest Vintage 2018
Serving temperature 8 - 10 °C
Recommended dishes Appetisers, fruit, desserts


The Apple Blueberry Cherry Fruit-Secco is the new one among the non-alcoholic aperitifs from van Nahmen. The subtle acidity of the juice from the Rheinischer Bohn apple variety provides the base for this cuvée‘s distinctive flavour. Building on it, the forest blueberry lends this Fruit-Secco a full body and gives it structure. The bouquet is dominated by the delicate fragrance of sour cherries whose juice rounds off this composition.

Goes with: Appetizers, Desserts, Fruit
Juice style: delicately tart, dry


This Fruit-Secco pours deep ruby red into the glass, with a delicate and lingering cordon of fine foam. The bouquet displays complex flavours of juicy cherries, dark berries as well as almonds, fresh moss, spruce needles and lovage. On the palate there is a subtle sweetness which, thanks to the fresh acidity, the velvety tannic structure and the lively sparkle, culminates in a pleasantly tart and dry finish that even has a slightly salty component stirring up an appetite. In the aftertaste the fruity and spicy notes linger for quite a long time. A delightfully sparkling and appetising aperitif without alcohol. Mildly sweet as well as refreshing this Fruit-Secco has what it takes to shine both as an aperitif and an accompaniment to moderately sweet desserts

Romana Echensperger Romana Echensperger Master of Wine