Fruit-Secco Apple-Quince (BIO)
van Nahmen Fruit Secco

Fruit-Secco Apple-Quince (BIO)

Time of harvest September & Oktober
Serving temperature 8 – 10°C
Recommended dishes starters, fruit, desserts


If one composes a juice from apple and quince, the cuvée will reveal a bewitchingly fullbodied flavour – one reminiscent of mature Riesling. van Nahmen Fruit-Secco Apfel-Quitte (apple-quince) is a dry and fruity apéritif with 0% alcohol and 100% sparkling fruit pleasure. Its multi-layered aroma unfolds best at a temperature of 8–10°C. The apple and the quince are simply made for each other: the tart acidity of the quince and the juicy sweetness of the apple complement one another beautifully in this sparkling Fruit-Secco.

With meat and fish: Crustacean and seafood
Goes with: Appetizers, Desserts, Fruit
Colour: light
Juice style: dry, harmoniously


This Fruit-Secco shows a luminous golden yellow colour and a finely sparkling mousse. The bouquet offers aromas of ripe and juicy autumn apples, citrus zest and candied ginger, as well as a hint of jasmine blossom and mint. On the palate the flavour is initially characterised by a restrained sweetness, which thanks to the refres-hing acidity and vibrant CO2 leads into a pleasantly tart and dry finish, with a subtle element of mineral salts. A hint of tannin imparts a firm structure to the palate, and the aromas of quince, jasmine and mint reverberate long afterward. A noble, sparkling and appetite-stimulating apéritif without alcohol, one that acquits itself nobly in the coffee-hour with fruitcake. This Fruit-Secco is subtly sweet and refreshing; does well as a food-partner to shellfish and moderately sweet desserts.

Romana Echensperger Romana Echensperger Master of Wine