Fruit-Secco Apple-Redcurrant-Raspberry
van Nahmen Fruit Secco

Fruit-Secco Apple-Redcurrant-Raspberry

Time of harvest Vintage 2018
Serving temperature 8 - 10 °C
Recommended dishes starters, fruits, desserts


The van Nahmen Fruit-Secco Apple-Redcurrant-Raspberry is an apéritif guaranteed to have 0% alcohol – a pure and stimulating pleasure, all freshness and fruit. At a serving temperature of 8–10°C it reveals its full, berrylike and springtime-fresh aroma. The flavour of the cuvée is rounded out by the fine acidity of the red currants. Apples, red currants and raspberries together form a fruity liaison: raspberries underscore the juici-ness of the apple with a berry-laden spring-like aroma and freshnes.

Goes with: Appetizers, Desserts, Fruit
Colour: dark
Juice style: delicately tart, fruity , mild


A gleaming rosé-coloured Fruit-Secco with a finely sparkling mousse. The intense bouquet offers aromas of fresh red raspberries, currants, rosehips, ripe apples and fresh meadow herbs. On the palate there is a restrained sweetness, nicely balanced by the refreshing acidity and the animated CO2. In the finish, the interplay between sweet and tart reappears, accompanied by a fine degree of tannin that imparts a nicely structured texture to the palate. A fruity and tart apéritif containing no alcohol, with which one can serve hearty starters like Serrano ham or salted almonds. With its fruity/tart character, the secco can be serve with refined and not overly sweet fruit desserts, but will also do very well as an alcohol-free apéritif for those folks who like things not totally dry.

Romana Echensperger Romana Echensperger Master of Wine