Sparkling Juicy Tea Rose- Darjeeling-Rhubarb (BIO)
van Nahmen Juicy Tea

Sparkling Juicy Tea Rose- Darjeeling-Rhubarb (BIO)

Time of harvest May
Serving temperature 8 °C
Recommended dishes fish, poultry, seafood


The secret of a top-quality cuvée lies in its compositi-on. We worked with renowned tea sommeliers to cre-ate this non-alcoholic Sparkling Juicy Tea. Made using the cold brew process, it combines the fruitiness of van Nahmen’s single-variety juices with choice notes from selected teas to create a harmonious flavour experience. The mild and flowery aroma of Darjeeling tea blends with delicately sharp red-stemmed rhubarb juice from the locally cultivated The Sutton and Frambozen varieties. The recipe is rounded off with a few drops of rosewater.

Product presentation by Peter van Nahmen: Click here

Cuisine: French cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine
With meat and fish: Chicken & turkey, Crustacean and seafood, Duck & goose, freshwater fish, Saltwater fish
Goes with: Appetizers
Colour: light
Juice style: characterful, delicately tart, dry


This Juicy Tea sparkles an appetizing salmon colour in the glass. It is initially fruity, floral and tart on the nose, before revealing tea rose, meadow flower, black tea and rhubarb aromas. Bitter orange, rosehip and greengage plum notes then gradually appear. On the palate it begins with a delicate sparkle and a fresh, fruity style. This Juicy Tea is appetisingly dry. Tart fruity notes and a pleasantly bitter bite in the finish ensure that the Juicy Tea lingers beautifully on the palate. It makes a wonderfully tart and refreshing aperitif. This Juicy Tea is the perfect accompaniment to appetisers. It goes fantastically well with seafood starters, such as a prawn cocktail with grapefruit or a Mediterranean spiced octopus carpaccio. Another good option is fish and poultry dishes that are not overly hearty but instead have been delicately refined with spices such as cardamom.

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