Sparkling Juicy Tea Verbena-Jasmine-Riesling (BIO)
van Nahmen Juicy Tea

Sparkling Juicy Tea Verbena-Jasmine-Riesling (BIO)

Time of harvest late July
Serving temperature 8 °C
Recommended dishes fish, poultry, veal, vegetarian dishes


The secret of a top-quality cuvée lies in its compositi-on. We worked with renowned tea sommeliers to cre-ate this non-alcoholic Sparkling Juicy Tea. Made using the cold brew process, it combines the fruitiness of van Nahmen’s single-variety juices with choice notes from selected teas to create a harmonious flavour experience. Riesling grapes form the lively basis of Sparkling Juicy Tea, whilst verbena, jasmine and a touch of mint add an Asian note.

Cuisine: Asian cuisine
With meat and fish: Chicken & turkey, Duck & goose, freshwater fish, Saltwater fish, Veal
Goes with: Appetizers
Colour: light
Juice style: fruity , harmoniously


This Juicy Tea sparkles a delicate gold in the glass. First impressions are very intense with aromas of late-ripening fruit such as quince, vineyard peach and Boskoop apple, alongside white flowers and chestnut honey. The herb aromas of verbena, chamomile and fennel seed are equally striking. This all comes together to form an autum-nal, darkly spicy nose. On the palate it is pleasantly refreshing and delicately sparkling in the attack, followed by a silky, creamy, mouth-filling texture. The Juicy Tea is luscious, sweet and full-bodied and has a delicately tart, bitter, savoury finish. Overall, a pleasantly fruity delight. This Juicy Tea makes a perfect aperitif. Its refined aromas mean that it pairs well with Asian dishes, such as those containing fenugreek seeds or yellow curry, or Arabic dishes such as chicken tagine with cinnamon and cloves.

Romana Echensperger Romana Echensperger Master of Wine